Alyse Stone is a visual artist and mechanical engineer born in New York City, currently residing in Los Angeles.

Alyse grew up in a household with a creative mother in law and a father in medicine. From an early age, she became indoctrinated in the rigor of accruing STEM skill sets, while fostering artistic curiosities.

Alyse studied engineering at George Washington University, where she was sponsored by Northrop Grumman as a Jackie Robinson Scholar. She began her career as an artist after taking coursework through the University of California, Los Angeles’s Visual Arts Program.

Alyse paints and creates under the alias, “Stone Cold Caviar.” Alyse’s work reflects the compelling intersection of art, engineering, and design. Alyse’s artwork uses acrylic and mixed media on canvas and wood. Her inspiration is driven by her passion for creating beautiful and functional objects, from artwork to products. The artist loves exploring the material, textural, and 3-Dimensional aspects of art through her works.

The artist has been commissioned by Grammy Award Winning celebrities Lionel Richie and Jose Feliciano. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States as well as for last year’s Grammy Awards celebration. Her commission for Jose Feliciano debuted at Detroit Tigers Stadium at the Blue Moon sponsored World Series Exhibition and was featured at Detroit Historical Museum.

Humanity is blessed with an innate and powerful gift: the ability to create. It is her hope that audiences viewing her work will appreciate that art is pervasive in the natural world, even in unconventional spaces such as science. The artist is also driven by the combination of art and technology and the hope that this new genre will encourage more dialogue and collaboration between artists and technological innovators.

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