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Jose Feliciano was the first musician to stylize the Star-Spangled Banner at the 5th game of the 1968 Detroit Tiger’s World Series. Though met with polarizing reactions, Jose’s rendition was the first time the Star-Spangled Banner ever charted on the Top 100 Pop Charts.
Feliciano has been acclaimed by critics around the world as “The Greatest Living Guitarist”. He’s been awarded over forty-five Gold and Platinum records, he has won nineteen Grammy nominations, earning nine Grammy Awards, including the LARAS Award for Lifetime Achievement.
Artist Alyse Stone was commissioned to create a mixed media piece celebrating the 50th Anniversary. The 72 x 39 in piece titled “A World Honoring a Hero” pays tribute to the Global Music Superstar. The piece produced on a wooden cargo shipment from 20th Century Fox, was on display at the Detroit Tigers Stadium for the Blue Moon 1968 World Series Exhibit. The piece has also been on exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum, and for the 2019 Grammy Awards.
  • YEAR: 2018
  • DIMENSIONS: 72" x 39"
  • DETAILS: Spray paint, acrylic, new media, paint,