We Vote Together series, 2020. Buckhead and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport- Atlanta, Georgia. Photography: Christina Evans

In the We Vote Together series, Stone reflects on connecting the past, present, and future communities of voters as means of bringing a clearer vision for the current moment.

Archival research is an integral part of Stone’s practice. The painting begins with an image from the recent George Floyd protests. The efforts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the 19th Amendment are captured as the painting ends with the vision of the next generation. Each image was deliberately selected to weave a clear message of the stakes in the current election, regardless of political backgrounds.

While researching for the piece, Stone reflected on the history of voting rights in America. Dating back to 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed, only those who owned land were eligible to vote. The long history of victories for voting rights spans hundreds of years. This critical history colorfully illustrates centuries of hard won legislation battles and the many people who fought for the rights we have today.

We Vote Together series, 2020. Buckhead – Atlanta, Georgia. Photography: Christina Evans

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